Gadget of the Year 2009 : Motorolla Droid

>> 31 Des 2009

Motorolla Droid chosen as Gadget of the Year 2009 according to TIME Magazine version. The winning of the smart cellular phone base on the Android 2.0 system defeats iPhone ambition from Apple, only at the fourth position.

This cellular phone body looks masculine with two parts stacked but could be slided when in used. The feature is exciting. The browsing speed of this cellphone is supported by 3G technology with 1Ghz processor. A 3,7 inches screen is comfortable to use in exploring the internet, reading electronic mails, even observing town map with Google Maps. The challenge for multitasking answered perfectly by this cellphone fully equipped with 5 megapixels camera. Video of this cellphone has a resolution as good as DVD quality. So, you are able to recording, downloading, and watching video on You Tube straight from this cellular phone. Motorolla Droid becomes more extra-ordinary because it is becoming the first cellphone with Google Map Navigation equipped with voice guidance as GPS. But, you have to be patient. The cellphone released on 6 November, 2009, will suppose arrive in Indonesia early 2010.


Monalisa painting from motherboard collection

>> 21 Des 2009

ASUS design staffs in Taiwan are creative and innovative. They are not only expert in designing various ASUS hardware products, but also are able to create an art using materials in the form of computer hardware.

The painting of Monalisa that shows off at ASUS headquarter in Taiwan is one of the real fact of the ability from ASUS design staffs.

This Monalisa painting is made of ASUS motherboard and computer chips. This masterpiece describing two things; ASUS big name presenting in several hardwares on Monalisa painting and the freedom of ASUS innovation designer due to ASUS support to “mad” ideas.


Kaspersky releases antivirus base on MAC

>> 28 Nov 2009

Recently Kaspersky Lab has announced special new product to computer based on Macintosh. This special Mac Kaspersky Antivirus made new antivirus engine from Kaspersky Lab.

Of course you may ask, why an antivirus product has to make two kind of products specially to Mac and Windows. The main reason is because a virus attack on Windows and Mac system are different so that the antivirus company needs to distinguish their antivirus product.

Newest software for Mac OS X could on 10.4.11 version or higher version. This newest Antivirus Kaspersky protects Mac from virus, worm, and Trojan Mac OS.

Kaspersky Antivirus for Mac has a resource distribution system when user activity increasing, antivirus work priority will decline. It will make computer task descending.

This product is available now for buyer via e-store : on and will availalble in the market mid December 2009.


3D Television ready to launch

>> 24 Nov 2009

All this time to watch 3D, we have to use special eyeglasses.

However two Japan electronic giant are Sony and Panasonic will launch 3D television.
Maybe next year early this product available in market.

This 3D television be planned in flat screen shape and can serve film or video games with format high definition. 3D television demonstration in some international exhibition just display brief clip film, nature and sport.


Anti lose laptop bag

>> 25 Jul 2009

Tech Air makes the laptop bag equipped by i-track system. With i-track system, if you’re bag has been losing so you’re bag traceable of it's existence. TAG put by owner in bag will send the signal to a website and at the time of at the same, owner will receive a message through e-mail or owner account in i-Track giving information the location of the bag now. The price of this bag is $120.


The future credit card

>> 22 Jul 2009

Visa company will be launching the future credit card. Design of credit card has the same size and shape with the currently credit card unless there is a additional keypad and LCD screen that will display the password randomly. This credit card will only be used when shopping online. When doing transaction the user must enter the PIN number and password that number will be displayed in LCD screen. But when shopping at store, a credit card is functioning normally.


The price of Indian laptop just $10

>> 21 Jul 2009

In India the price of laptop $10? Wow it's amazing. When I hear this information I'm very suprised. Why the price of laptop in India very cheap? The government of Bombay give that price because he want education in his country became good. This laptop will be equipped with 2 GB of memory, WiFi, fixed Ethernet, expandable memory, and consume just 2 watts of power.
That laptop will be available in the next 5 month.




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